Why bears ?

This film is for teachers, scientists, non-profits, and people interested in bears and preserving wild spaces.

5 things you can do

  1. Go outdoors and explore nature. See the connections between all living things. Remember, what's good for bears is good for people.
  2. Learn about 1 scientist, 1 teacher, or 1 organization doing work to protect wild places and the animals that live there.
  3. Support that 1 scientist, 1 teacher or 1 organization either with your time, your money, or by promoting their work to others.
  4. Find out what is happening locally in your part of the world, your city, your neighborhood and get involved.
  5. Share this movie with your school, your church, your community, and your friends, help inspire others.
To learn more about bears - the science, the conservation, and how they represent what we all need, join this non-profit organization - there are no paid staff, just hundreds of bear experts from all over the world furthering knowledge and education: www.bearbiology.com